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– Some items have now a chance to add a random effect
– It is now visually recognizable when a weapon misses its target
– Modules have been divided into internal and external subcategories
– Data for items is now queried by the game client from the server(new items without a client update are now possible)
– Item stats adjustments


– Optimizations and some small corrections, better inventory handling
– Added a loading screen


– Item data has been moved to SQL database
– Action bar is now managed by the server



  • New Module “Power Core Multiplier” (adds max energy to your ship)
  • New Module “Force Field Amplifier” (adds shield hp to your ship)
  • New Module “Target Reallocator” (forces your targets to focus their attacks on you)
  • New Module “Salvager” (can be used to extract useful materials from wrecks)
  • New Material “Sensor Array”
  • New Material “Circuit Board”
  • New Material “Metal Frame”
  • New Item “Skin Red” (applies a red color to your ship on use) – can drop from pirates
  • New Skill “Salvaging” added.
  • Added loot table for salvaging
  • Added animation for stargate jump effect
  • Decreased the range for mining lasers to 5000
  • Increased the cycle time for beam laser to 2.5 seconds
  • For every level you gain, the max skill level for every skill will be raised by 15
  • Npcs choose their target now based on a threat table
  • Added new market categories, changed the sub-category for some items
  • Added track target function to ship controls
  • Tweaked align rotation
  • Projectile trail calculation has been adjusted


  • Recently destroyed objects will now be highlighted in your overview
  • Skill and MaxSkill for all skills are now displayed in your ship stats


  • Talent “WarpDrive Upgrade” works now as intended



  • New solar system “Alnair” added
  • New asteroid “Cobalt”
  • New items “Cobalt ore” and “Cobalt Ingot”
  • New item “Recall” – teleports you back to your home base
  • NPCs now have a respawn timer
  • Moved some locations and added new ones
  • Added “Energy Weapons” and “Missile Weapons”
  • Your miss chance with weapons now depends on the skill level you have with this type of weapon
  • Your mining laser skills are now also influenced by your mining skill level
  • Maximum level is now 20
  • Experience gain has been adjusted to scale with your victim’s level
  • Experience required for level up has been adjusted
  • You now get experience for mining


  • Tweaked movement of networked objects


  • Fixed a bug with projectile trails
  • Fixed a bug where wrecks would appear in the wrong location

[Known Bugs]

  • Station name is not currently displayed after respawn or after using the module “Recall”
  • Talent “WarpDrive Upgrade” is currently not working properly



  • New Items “‘Basic’ Armor Plating” and “‘Advanced’ Armor Plating”
  • Loot table changes, added new items
  • Added a camera animation for jumping through stargates
  • Trails for projectiles are now more visible


  • Chat message colors changed and window fades now out if not used
  • Market layout updated
  • Tooltips don´t exceed screen size anymore
  • ‘Right Click’ on items now installs the item to your ship
  • Action bar modules will now fade out if the selected target is out of range


  • Internal gridID generation adjustments
  • Npc orbit calculation adjustments



  • Fixed a bug that caused wrong impact positions for projectiles.
  • There are now different difficulty levels for “Battlefield Remains” (Calm/Dangerous/Deadly)
  • Added two new types of pirates


  • overview columns resizing fixed



  • Refinery function added, you can now turn ore into ingots at any station.
  • New Location ‘Abandoned Station’
  • New Location ‘Battlefield Remains’
  • New Pirate Type Npc that attacks Players on sight
  • New Asteroid ‘Gold’
  • Mining Skill added
  • Thruster trail behaviour adjustments
  • Scene lightning adjustments
  • Level Up Animation / Sound Effect
  • Npc hitpoints are now based on their level


  • Layout and size adjustments for Target Hud, Player Hud, Station Menu and Ship Setup
  • Added display for current location
  • Added display for player name


  • Synchronization improvements, movement for networked objects should be way smoother now.


  • New Item: Pulse Laser
  • New Thruster Component (7x)
  • New Mid Components (7x)
  • New Front Components (7x)
  • There are now a total of 10x(Thruster)10x(Mid)10x(Front) components to build your ship!
  • Active Modules on your target are now displayed as a small icon.
  • Initial max Component count set to 3. If you reach level 10 you will unlock another slot.
  • Added Music to Login Screen.
  • There is now a Ambient Layer and a Gameplay Layer for sound to underline certain actions with music. (for now only if you are in combat)