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  • Fixed collisions with invisible objects
  • Fixed a bug that caused asteroids to spawn at very far distances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pirates to spawn at very far distances.
  • Added missing icons for various objects.


  • Total of 67 explorable solar systems
  • Galaxy map
  • Added new mineable asteroid types
  • Each faction has now it’s own starting zone


  • There is now a chance for an “Elite” npc spawn.
  • Some abilities can now be learned through talents.
  • “Auto Attack” ability stops now correctly after the target has been destroyed.
  • Player is now required to choose a faction at the beginning.
  • A lot of work has been done to the backend to get things ready for player accounts and progress saving.


  • Missions (first mining and combat missions are now available).
  • Blueprints You can learn new blueprints for the assembler or refinery by using them with a right click.
  • Assembler You can now add blueprints and make them, the same goes for the refinery.
  • Abilities window, contains all available abilities.
  • Action bar buttons can now be added by dragging them from your abilities window.
  • The ship speed is now controlled with the ‘E’ and ‘Q’ buttons. press ‘spacebar’ to stop your ship immediately.
  • New login screen
  • Ability System
  • Visible armor damage
  • Movement interpolation optimizations



  • Fixed item tooltip for iron ore.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn´t disable a module if the current cycle was almost completed.
  • Added missing unicode characters.
  • Fixed a issue with a NullReference that could cause the game client to disconnect.



– Some items have now a chance to add a random effect
– It is now visually recognizable when a weapon misses its target
– Modules have been divided into internal and external subcategories
– Data for items is now queried by the game client from the server(new items without a client update are now possible)
– Item stats adjustments


– Optimizations and some small corrections, better inventory handling
– Added a loading screen


– Item data has been moved to SQL database
– Action bar is now managed by the server



  • New Module “Power Core Multiplier” (adds max energy to your ship)
  • New Module “Force Field Amplifier” (adds shield hp to your ship)
  • New Module “Target Reallocator” (forces your targets to focus their attacks on you)
  • New Module “Salvager” (can be used to extract useful materials from wrecks)
  • New Material “Sensor Array”
  • New Material “Circuit Board”
  • New Material “Metal Frame”
  • New Item “Skin Red” (applies a red color to your ship on use) – can drop from pirates
  • New Skill “Salvaging” added.
  • Added loot table for salvaging
  • Added animation for stargate jump effect
  • Decreased the range for mining lasers to 5000
  • Increased the cycle time for beam laser to 2.5 seconds
  • For every level you gain, the max skill level for every skill will be raised by 15
  • Npcs choose their target now based on a threat table
  • Added new market categories, changed the sub-category for some items
  • Added track target function to ship controls
  • Tweaked align rotation
  • Projectile trail calculation has been adjusted


  • Recently destroyed objects will now be highlighted in your overview
  • Skill and MaxSkill for all skills are now displayed in your ship stats


  • Talent “WarpDrive Upgrade” works now as intended