Game Engine

a couple of weeks ago i started to work on a custom game engine for AIO.
i decicded to uses the graphics framework, which is basically a low level wrapper for OpenGL/Vulkan.

What is already working:

  • glTF support for model import
  • Texture import
  • Skybox rendering
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • PBR Shader

What I’m doing right now:

  • Line Renderer
  • Particle System


  • UI
  • Planet Shader

The UI will be based on ImGUI because natively supports it and is already working.
It will be a lot of work to port everything over, but i’m very positive to get this done in the next few weeks.

All the networking code is already in a seperate library and should be quite easy to integrate.

I have also moved all the game assets in a seperate repo to make it easier to switch between rendering engines.

Overall it is a huge time investment and certainly you can argue that it would be better for the game to just stick with unity, and i agree, but Unity’s recent actions in trying to change their licensing model are leaving me with not much room for choice here.

IIrreparable raid failure

I just got informed by our hosting provider that the raid system has failed and a restore is not possible. Since i just got everything up and running again, this is not optimal and i am very curious why they have a raid system in the first place if they fail to recover data from it.

I hope that everything is online and working again by tomorrow.


  • Fixed some issues that caused the player’s ship to jitter while warping.
  • Fixed thrusters; they now stop on docking.
  • Fixed a bug where a player’s ship would not save correctly if equipped with a certain number of installed modules.
  • Fixed an issue where damage was ignored if the attacker disabled the module in the first cycle.
  • Implemented a market auction bidding system.
  • Market auctions now have durations of 1, 3, or 7 days.
  • Mission items and kills should now be counted correctly.
  • Some missions are now repeatable.
  • Added a new mission titled “Cargo Transport.”
  • Added a new station.
  • Mission Points of Interest (POIs) are now on the Galaxy Map.
  • Added a track button to the mission window, which shows the progress of the tracked mission on the HUD and indicates a route to the mission’s target solar system on the galaxy map.
  • You will no longer spawn at your home station if you have logged out at a different station; logging out while in space is now also possible.
  • Asteroids now have an explosion animation.
  • Items now have a colored frame that indicates the quality of the item.
  • Added a “Bulletin Board” to the station’s menu, where you can view and accept available missions.
  • The UI font has been changed.
  • Some new UI icons have been added.
  • Ship speed control is now reactive to mouse input.
  • The “Auto Attack” ability should now work correctly.
  • Removed the jump cost for Stargates.
  • Renamed and relocated various objects in space.
  • The talent reset button is now working; you can refund single talents by right-clicking them.
  • Added some HUD indicators for various states.
  • Thrusters now increase their volume based on speed instead of pitch.
  • Added/changed some sound effects and music tracks.
  • The combat music now fades in and out appropriately according to your combat state.
  • The overview now highlights closer objects.
  • After changing the screen resolution, the Galaxy Map now scales correctly.


  • Fixed a bug that would show damage numbers multiple times
  • Fixed a corrupt asset which caused laser visuals to break
  • Special characters in account passwords are now possible


  • Fixed collisions with invisible objects
  • Fixed a bug that caused asteroids to spawn at very far distances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pirates to spawn at very far distances.
  • Added missing icons for various objects.


  • Total of 67 explorable solar systems
  • Galaxy map
  • Added new mineable asteroid types
  • Each faction has now it’s own starting zone